Viewpoint: State of the Market, July 2024

An overview of the latest key property market updates and insights for small and medium-sized property developers. Key takeaways at a glance: UK house price growth continues to sit at +1.6%. Construction activity rises, but housing activity declines. Bank rate stays put at 5.25%. First-time buyers won’t be mortgage-free until they’re 63. Resilient residential market will continue to outperform.   Key takeaway 1: UK house p...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, September 2022

With a new Prime Minister in office, the recent Bank of England vote to raise the interest rate to 2.25%, and the Chancellor's mini-Budget announcement all taking place this month, CrowdProperty reviews the impact of the latest economic and politi...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 28th August 2022

Despite inflation rising and the prospect of further interest rate increases, the property market appears to be largely unaffected with continued price growth and persistent demand – but can this last? In this article, CrowdProperty reviews the la...

Building Regulations Update, August 2022

This month, our expert property team looks at important new Building Regulation changes which have come into force that will impact new homes and some existing homes.

What changes have been made to the Building Regulations and why s...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 24th July 2022

It’s not only temperatures soaring in July, as house prices continue to increase despite economic and political uncertainty. As inflation and interest rates continue to rise,  CrowdProperty reviews the latest market commentary and what this will m...

In Short... Mid-year market update 2022

Associate Property Director Tom Short shares his thoughts on the property market over the past six months and expectations for the remainder of 2022.

When last putting pen to paper for this blog, I opened with the purported Chinese ...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 19th June 2022

The month of June has started to see signs that the housing market boom is fading. The issue of rising prices for both fuel and everyday items persists, which is dampening the outlook for many businesses. In response to the latest commentary, Crow...

The Rising Cost of Materials

As every developer is aware, the cost of building materials has risen at an extraordinary rate in the last year and continues to rise. According to official data from data.gov.uk, the price of construction materials rose in 11 of the 12 mo...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 22nd May 2022

The frenzied activity of the housing market means that affordability is a growing concern among house buyers. As the Russia-Ukraine conflict progresses and inflation continues to be a key threat to households, CrowdProperty reviews the latest mark...

The Focus on ESG - Governance

In our latest ESG instalment, we will focus on the topic of Governance. Of equal importance but often underestimated, matters of governance are a key component in how businesses address their ESG approach. The import any business gives to ...

The Rise of the Build to Rent Sector

Build to Rent (BTR) developments are exactly as they sound: purpose-built residential units designed to be rented out rather than sold. In most cases, these schemes usually offer longer tenancy terms and are managed by the owner or operato...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 17th April 2022

Now two years on from the start of the pandemic, the UK is facing new uncertainties around the war in Ukraine impacting energy prices and the rate of inflation. Looking at the latest reports for April, CrowdProperty reports on what this will mean ...

Levelling Up

In February, the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Secretary Michael Gove announced The Government’s new Levelling Up White Paper. The overarching aim of this document is simple - to transform the planning ...

The Focus on ESG - Social

Following on from an initial review of ESG with specific reference to environmental matters, in this article, CrowdProperty looks more closely at its often overlooked ‘Social’ sibling - unpackaging what it means and its importance generally, whils...

Viewpoint: State of the Market, 20th March 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has abruptly transformed the world. The response to this human tragedy has seen global sanctions imposed on Russia and repercussions of this have directly impacted UK energy markets. Given this, CrowdProperty takes a l...


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