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In the last blog post, we took you through the different ways you can lend on the platform. Below, we explain how we provide end-to-end support for our borrowers, and next we will take a detailed look at the application process for borrowers.


Some things matter more than others.

CrowdProperty is a leading platform in the peer-to-peer lending sector, providing capital to property professionals undertaking property projects. We’re backed by a complementary combination of capital from institutional and individual sources. However, what’s really relevant to borrowers is not the source of that capital – our lenders won’t be turning up on your doorstep demanding tea and sandwiches – but that the process is straightforward, transparent, that you get the capital and support you need, or at least receive a speedy value-adding rejection, rather than being left hanging around.


We know your business needs

We promise our borrowers ease, speed and certainty. Most of all, we promise support from our property experts throughout the project. This is a point that we make no apologies for labouring: we are property experts; we can provide the information you need because we know what you need. When you speak to us, the person at the other end of the phone isn’t Derek, who’s killing time while he waits to re-sit his exams to get that place in Exeter Uni studying sociology he missed out on last time, and kind of knows how to work the dashboard. No – you get a property expert who understands the fundamentals of your business and your property vision.

Once you’ve filled out the initial application (more on this in the Article 12), you’ll hear from one of our experts – someone who is able to make a decision. What’s more, they will be with you every step of the way. You’ll have an appointed expert case manager and you will always be able to speak to us directly and talk on a property-specific level, it’s a true property partnership. All parties’ interests are aligned – we all want to help ensure your project gets over the line.

After the initial approval, you’ll have someone from CrowdProperty alongside you during and throughout the assessment, funding, commencement, drawdown, build and exit stages, to provide support and advice if you hit any problems. We know those problems and have extensive experience of resolving them across many projects, both as property developers and lending platform operators.


What support?

Integral to this collaborative relationship are these commitments:

  • We’ll get you illustrative terms within 24 hours with very little effort from you, often within just a couple of hours
  • We bring the money – we’re not asking you to bring investors, as other platforms often do
  • We’ll probably lend more than anyone else – not because we take undue risks but because we work hard to understand your project. This can also reduce your need for expensive equity capital (and mezzanine is rarely needed because of our lending levels)
  • Being approved by CrowdProperty, given our track record for over five years, also has significant benefit in finding additional forms of finance for your project should you need it, as investors recognise our expertise in assessing projects with the best data, analytics and expertise in the market
  • What’s more, we have the best reach, traffic and liquidity of lenders in the specialist property project funding market, so you can grow your brand with all those people, increasing your exposure, credibility and recognition of doing projects that are approved by the best (and you’ll be able to boast about how quickly the project publicly funded)

As previously explained, we fund all types of property project – to get you to the stage of selling or refinancing. We’ve funded all sorts of projects that you can see in our video case studies and our project photo wall here.

In short, we are building the best property lending platform from start to finish. Property finance by property people – our customers say that it’s not only ‘refreshing’ but also ‘game-changing’. Come and experience it for yourself.

Find out more about the borrower experience from property professionals that we've worked with through our 12 video case studies:


23 Aug 2019

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